Nesture the Soul

June 19th 2017

Dear friends

You will be happy to know that 'mira' has given birth to 'gauri' on 16th june 17.

The milk is of excellent quality and you are welcome to place an order whenever you are at 'nesture'.

The rain is eagerly awaited and with great difficulty we have saved the existing trees during harsh summer.

Very important announcement is regarding 'patravali' at nesture. Please note that with immediate effect THE ORDER HAS TO BE PLACED ONLY WITH MR. PARESH PATEL ON 9099032814 THAT TOO AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. The same menu of excellent quality food is available. Tea and some ready snacks will be served at a short notice for which MR. PARESH PATEL CAN BE CONTACTED ON 9099032814.

Please note that Mr praful and mrs sunita are no longer in our employment.

Members are requested not to tempt the trained employees of 'nesture' in the larger interest of the project and other members.

The numbers 9099032813/15/16 are discontinued. You are requested to call and communicate only with MR. PARESH PATEL ON 9099032814 for any official work between 9 and 1 p.m except emergency.

It is high time members do plantation on their individual plots. The nursery is well stocked with saplings and organic planting material available for members at reasonable cost.

The details of new yoga season will be announced soon.

Most welcome to enjoy rains at nesture with steaming hot tea and pakodas.

Jay ho

Vande mataram

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