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True to the logo “Livealive” leads you to a healthier hence happier lifestyle for a better life ever after. What matters most is the total health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to live well by nurturing the lifestyle.

livealive, and you add life to years and years to life.


LIVEALIVE HOLISTIC HEALTH HUB: Provides infrastructure to the experts for treating their patients and add to recovery process.

LIVEALIVE POSITIVE WELLNESS CENTER: Enhances total health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual making one internally and externally strong and powerful.


LIVEALIVE: A REJUVENETING RETREAT is located at a picturesque scenic spot. Organic orchard and farm with gaushala, zero pollution environment, green envelope, natural water body and tranquility makes the right backdrop for the unique center.

The aim is to be a catalyst in the process with right ingredients.

LIVEALIVE LIFE STYLE IS Synchronized and well balanced combinations of treatment, exercise, yoga, meditation, unwinding, inner pleasure, organic /natural health food are carefully planned to meet the individual need.

LIVEALIVE HOLISTIC HEALTH HUB: Designed and managed by highly qualified, knowledgable and well experienced experts of the respective field.

Ayurvedic Kendra: Panchkarma and other traditional treatments.

Naturopathy center:  *Steam /Sauna/Mud baths.*Anima*Massage center*Water treatment for Hips,Spine,Foot,Arms* vibrators*weight reduction belts*Twister*Wax bath*Diathermy*water walk bath*Sun bath are used for treatment.

Other treatments: Acupressure Laughter therapy Aroma therapy is also available.

Yoga and meditation: Yogasan,Dhyan,meditation, Surya upasana .

A well facilitated consultation/counselor room .

Hospitality: Aesthetically designed, well furnished, eco friendly cottages assure comfortable accommodation for the guests.

A food court serving organic,natural,nutritious health food traditionally cooked in a hygienic kitchen. Herbal health drinks and cow milk are also on the menu card.

Complimentary Features:
Swimming pool/jogging-cycle-riding-walk tracks/ Outdoor & indoor games/ Library/Music room/Communication center./Courtesy  vehicle at no cost [fix time] or subsidized rate. A temple for self search SVA

Doctor on call.


Positive wellness means healthy should be healthier and retain total health for life time.

Being normally healthy ,disease free and get all  normal test reports is not the totally healthy state, definitely not the insurance  cover  to be totally healthy next day or a month or a year if you make no effort to do that.

Each and every person is under continuous pressure , stress and tensions irrespective of age, sex and occupation only the degree varies and so the effect of these factors.

You have the subtle effect on your total health from exposure at the center . Plans are prepared to suit the individual needs which will be like modification in routine/exercise /food menu and plan/life style so that you lead a wonderful life to revitalize and recharge.

Being the vital feature of 'Nesture' the members and family with best compliments can avail all the facilities except the treatment part.
Appreciating that it is very difficult to plan and visit repeatedly on your own the membership is offered to motivate you for regular visits. Receiving your form we will be happy to send the details of membership options.  

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